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"The Last Black Hairstyles Book
You'll Ever Need To Buy!"

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by Kamau & Janice Kenyatta

“ …WOW! From beginning to end I was captivated…”
My reaction to this book is WOW! From beginning to end I was captivated by its content. I did not put the book down until it was finished. In all my life I have never examined the issue of Black hairstyles like this before. Never have I read a book that has illustrated thorough knowledge of the lasting effects perming my hair can cause. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to read this book!

—Kendra C. Gumbs— Haledon, NJ

Kamau and Janice Kenyatta, a husband and wife team, combine hard-won, firsthand knowledge of natural black hairstyles past and present. They balance that with a commitment to make a significant contribution to the reconstruction of Black people.

Some hair books are clearly written and well researched. Others are inspirational page-turners. A rare few have those important qualities and the power to transform the way you think about yourself and the world around you.

This book is all of that and more especially as it relates to natural black hairstyles.

Every chapter nails down the relationship between our beliefs and our actions... as well as... the separation between our words and our actions when it comes to Black hairstyles.

Unlike other books on the subject, this book helps you see how the bigger issues facing Black people are intimately connected to our thinking about our natural hair. While it deals with hair as a primary subject, it opens the door to other issues connected to the psychological health and wellbeing of Black people.

After reading this book, you'll have special insight into the half-truths, the secrets and the lies about Black hairstyles. You will feel and understand what has been secretly instilled into the minds of everyone in the society about natural black hairstyles.

You'll discover:

  • why we are so afraid of our natural hair.
  • why we are obsessed with straightening natural black hair.
  • why we make jokes and laugh about it.
  • how to easily make the transition from straight to natural hair.
  • why our conduct toward it goes against everything we have been taught and believe about God.

It has that rare quality that will speak to both your heart and your head about a very sensitive subject. It is a book for those who want the truth, knowing that it may hurt but still are not afraid of it.

Thinking about going natural? Read what the Kenyattas have to say about it first.

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"What Others Are Saying About This Book"

“I have never read anything that can compare…”
The issues raised in the book are rarely discussed...the authors were very daring to have taken on this endeavor. It was extremely comforting to read about my natural, African hair being discussed in a positive, loving, prideful way. I have never read anything that can compare to the superlative way in which my type of hair was regarded in this book. Reading this material will also better equip me to explain to others why I have now choosen not to chemically process my hair…

—Tiffany Clarke— West Orange, NJ

“This book has given me a wake up call”
All the books I have read so far have dealt with the maintenance of hair; never has anyone address the issue of why I and so many others consistently abuse ourselves chasing an impossible dream. I will never know if my hair loss could have been prevented, but I do know this book has given me a wake up call. At 40 something, I have just begun my journey down the road of recovery. However, I do know that your book has helped me to gain the inner peace I longed for. Thank you again.

—Jacqueline Ricks— Washingtonville, NY

“This book should be on the dinner table of every Black family…”
I would first like to thank the authors for writing this book. I thank you because I have always hated my hair. I was always told by family and friends that I had “bad hair”.

This book is such an inspiration to African people; it sheds so much light on things regarding our hair that I never knew. The book really opened my eyes to the importance of my hair…

This book should be on the dinner table of every Black family across the United States and abroad. It has given me so much knowledge about my hair and what I have been conditioned to think about my hair.

I have learned that these things were bold face lies, and that my hair is beautiful, that I am beautiful, and being a natural African woman i s beautiful. And for this I thank the authors.

—Linda Pridgen—Clifton, NJ

“Thank you for opening my eyes.”
I’ll be writing to other publications and telling everyone I know about your book. We need more books like this, no matter how uneasy it makes us. Thank you for opening my eyes.

—Sabrina Gunton— Newport News, VA

“ …A must read book …”
If I had only known what I know now, I would’ve gone natural years ago. This is a must read book for all people of African descent.

—LaToya Waddell— Hackensack, NJ

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