Black Hairstyles

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“More Of What Others Are Saying About This Book…”

“…There is something very different about Kamau and Janice’s work.”
I’ve read other authors’ books about Black hair but there is something very different about Kamau and Janice's work. Of all the writers I have read, they stand out as the best at breaking down the critical issues of Black hairstyles into easy to understand language that anyone can understand.

—Imani Nyeusi— Atlanta, GA

“For the first time in my life my hair and I are friends.”
Thank you for writing this book! At first I was reticent and realized that I was resisting thinking about hair as an issue. My opinion, based on my own experience, is that hair for women of African descent is an issue of self esteem and that at its real foundation, hair is an issue of safety and survival…for the first time in my life my hair and I are friends. It is wash and go. My scalp is healthy. I am trying to get the rest of my life as focused and hassle free.

—Ava H. Stanley, MD— Somerset, NJ

“Instills pride in having Black hair”
This book not only gives the history of present beliefs about Black hair but also promotes and instills pride in having Black hair, being proud of oneself and heritage and wearing black hair naturally and proudly.

—Sharon Stafford— St. Clair Shores, MI

“After reading this book, I found myself staring at everyone…”
I personally, being white, have not given much thought to the matter of African hair…but it was obvious to me that the material contained in this informative book was well researched. Also evident, is the compassion of the authors towards the healing of such a sensitive subject. After reading this book, I found myself staring at everyone carefully; studying their hair.

—Marie A. Leiggi-Bell— Trenton, NJ

Read excerpts and look inside the book.

“…will be a very beneficial book to all who read it…”
The Truth about Black Hair Styles by the Kenyattas will be a very beneficial book to all who read it…This book is the single most important item to young black men and woman growing up in this society. We must free ourselves in the mind, and that includes the hair on our heads as well.

—Rory Quince— Paterson, NJ

“Many thanks.”
It was a pleasure speaking to you in person on the phone. May God bless your efforts to reach our people. Many thanks. I look forward to meeting the both of you on your next trip to Florida.

—Cornelius Henderson, Jr.— Delray Beach, FL

“This book has confirmed some of my worrries…”
This book has confirmed some of my worries that I have chosen to ignore for the sake of vanity. It has made me take a hard and close look at what I am doing to my hair and scalp.

—Barbara Lewis— Teaneck, NJ

Media Raves About What The Authors Have Done With This Book

The Kenyattas have made some interesting discoveries on the hair-straightening subject.
—The Courier News—

A Hair-Straightening Experience! Research on ’black folks hair’ yields insight into African-American style.
—The Focus Newspaper—

The book, which attempts to unravel the reason behind the “mutilation” of black hair, is invigorating and thought provoking…the very thing we need in black communities…May ruffle some feathers.
—The Voice Newspaper—

Through text, photographs, and drawings, The Truth About Black Hair Styles argues with an insistence that is bound to spark anger in some readers…
—Star-Ledger Newspaper—

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